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FAQ's - Assisted Living Baltimore

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a Nursing home the best decision?

A Medical professional or health care advisor will discuss options with you and your family as soon as it becomes medically clear Nursing home care is the best option for your future.

What is the difference between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living?

An assisted living facility is generally for a patient that is still relatively independent. They may only require assistance with certain everyday activities such as dressing, grooming, or preparing meals. In contrast, a nursing home is reserved for those individuals that require much more attention and care. Nursing home patients are generally in less than good mental or physical health and have difficulty with mobility on their own.

How can I plan for care ahead of time and get best prepared?

Search and communicate with a senior care consultant to begin researching the best options for your caring needs. This expert will be able to discuss topics such as location of care, and payment options. (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, and long term care insurance)

Which Nursing home is right for us?

A senior care consultant can be a great first step in determining which directions your family should take in preparing for long-term health care. Nursing homes can be visited, and contacted ahead of time to gain as much information as possible in making your decision. It is recommended that up to ten different facilities be researched, due to the uncertainty of room availability at any given time.

How far can we expect a Nursing home facility be from our home?

You will most likely have options for care within a 50 mile are of your primary and/or families residence. If a room is not found for you in less than 60 days (approx.) then you may be asked to consider options further away. Your senior care consultant will be of assistance in the event placement locally is not found.

What costs can we expect for Nursing home care?

Costs will vary depending on the establishment chosen. Location, amenities, and service levels will all be factors in cost. Prices have been known to range from $2,000 to over $10,000 per month. Your personal consultant will be able to discuss prices in your area with you and your family.

What happens if private funds can no longer pay for care?

When private funds fall short of the ability to pay for care, the patient will be entitled to apply for Medicaid. When eligibility is reached for Medicaid, your consultant will be able to assist you in the steps needed to change payment options over. A patient will never be denied care, or transferred out of care in this intermediate period.

Who covers the costs of Nursing Home care? (long term care Insurance Policy?)

Your senior care consultant will ask about your finances to determine if you will be a “private pay” (you use your own funds) or covered by Medicaid. Some people have commercial insurance that covers nursing home costs. In limited cases, Medicare pays for nursing home care. If you need Medicaid to cover the cost of nursing home care, your consultant will refer you to a financial counselor or a Medicaid worker to help you apply for Medicaid.

What are the differences between a hospital and nursing home care?

Hospitals are designated for patients who have serious medical needs that can only be attented to in a hospital. Insurance companies reserve the right to review and stop benefits payouts if it is determined that hospital care is no longer required. At this point you will be required to address the options of a transfer to a long term care facility, and you care consultant can help you with that transition.

When will I be able to return home from nursing home care?

Nursing home residents who, following assessment from a psychiatrist, have “capacity” (the ability to make sound decisions about their own care) always have the right to leave a nursing home if they choose to do so.

Once discharged from the hospital how is a Nursing home chosen?

Admission is based on your medical and financial information. Nursing homes notify the hospital of their decision. You are expected to accept the first facility offered to you by any of the nursing homes you have applied to. If none of your selected nursing homes has accepted your application by the fifth business day after the application process has begun, you will have to accept services offered by any other nursing home in your geographic area qualified to provide for your care.

How do I express my wishes in regards to a DNR order?

Making plans for this is called “Advance Directives.” By filing a Health Care Proxy Form and a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order, your doctors and caregivers can carry out your wishes if you are no longer able to express them yourself.

What is your deposit policy?

Deposits are non-refundable.